bad and wrong information on fashion brands and clothing line start ups

Creating a fashion brand or clothing line can be confusing to get right and a lot more work than people think. Over the years, I’ve seen far too many books, websites and online courses promise that you can do it in “5 easy steps” or “by taking our course, you’ll be selling in a matter of hours”. In  July 2014, a research company did a report of information available on just that topic, “Starting a Fashion Brand”. There were

  160,000,000 web pages, 523 books and 128,946 online courses

and you might be shocked to find out that

  99.99999999% of the information

was written or published

  by people who had NEVER created or built a fashion brand!

There was of course a lot more to that report, including the accuracy of the 320 sources that were left. But when I read it, I actually started to well up. I felt completely betrayed. My life has been dedicated to helping people build their dreams. Helping them discover the truth with accurate and efficient advice. Helping them to wake up every morning and feel happy to go to work, knowing it’s their passion and they will be able to do it for the rest of their life…….. and this is what people are finding, reading and following. 160,129,149 pirates, tricksters and con artists.

I wish it was that easy for you to build your dream, but unfortunately it isn’t. You will need a little help and a place to get real, honest, accurate information. Somewhere to go for advice and a place that you can trust from someone who has been there and done that well over 2500 times.

We are here to support you and make sure you have only the best information.

So look through the site, absorb as much as you can. Discover the right way to build or expand your fashion business.

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