prince meThis is me, a few years ago now at a Prince concert at the O2 Arena in London. I can’t believe how young I look, but anyway, thanks for dropping by one of my websites. For anyone who might be confused about my Twitter Handle or Pinterest page, you’ll notice that this is my other website. Fashion Services HK and here is why…

Many (many) years ago, I was a graduate in fashion design. Since leaving university I worked as a designer and built a very good services business in London, my home town.

Back then, believe it or not, businesses didn’t have websites and social media. Mobile phones [not smart phones, just mobile phones], only went mainstream in my 20’s [Yes those days did exist] so my business was built on word of mouth and referrals.  Then a few years ago, my husband got a job in Hong Kong, so we decided to move. So I started my business all over again in a new city, from scratch and this time with a website. Fashion Services HK. It really does, what is says on the tin.

fashion services builds fashion brands, businesses and clothing lines


Like my entire career, my team of amazing gurus and I, have helped people to build brands and get their dreams and passions off the ground with Technical Packs, Branding, Whole Company Systems, Customer profiles and Business Advice and so on, to name a few

A year ago or so, I was reading another book on building fashion brands, because a client had read it and was asking me some very strange questions. But after reading it, I could see why. The book was not at all like the real world and barely gave the reader any information that would help them. So it got me thinking about how much bad information was out there. I hired a research team to do an independent study on the topic of “How to Build a Fashion Brand” and they looked at the web, books and online courses. The results nearly made me cry. I’ve spent my career so far, and many more years to come I hope, helping people build dreams. Getting them un-muddled and off to the best start possible, with straightforward, effective advice and proven methods. From the study, I learnt that I was up against 160 million web pages alone, of incomplete rubbish or utter lies and that’s not including the books and courses.

So this year I decided to produce this website, Create a Fashion Brand in the hope that more people would be able to find it. I want people to have the resources I never had when I was a graduate. I want people to have information that is reliable and accurate from years of going through all of the steps with thousands of clients and I want a place that will tell you the truth, rather that try to con you with “5 easy steps to build your fashion brand” or “Build your fashion brand in a weekend with our weekend retreat”.  [ These are actual, real life quotes ]


But I suppose you want to know something about me. Well fashion is not as glamorous as people think, and I’ve spent many weeks, over the years, in non air-conditioned factories in 40° heat. I looked a pretty picture by the end, but that is sometimes what it takes. So before the work stuff, here are 5 things that you won’t know.

  • I have a pet lizard, a bearded dragon called Smaug
  • I love Tolkien books and read The Lord of the Rings when I was 7, hence “Smaug” [ he’s the dragon from The Hobbit ]
  • I made my own wedding dress and my partner laser cut parts of it for me at his school [ don’t tell anyone ]
  • The necklace I’m wearing in my picture was given to me on my 21st birthday by my parents and I have never taken it off since.
  • My real name is officially Victoria, but I really don’t like it. My friends call me Vicky so please feel free to do so as well.

I’ve worked for many brand names that you would definitely know, but as with any service, my name, you probably won’t, and that is really the point. Why? Because my job is not to make myself look good. My job is to make you and your brand look good, under your own brand name. I could go on and on about the years I’ve put in or this job and that job, but I’m sure that would be a little boring and you’re probably more interested in how I can help you move forward now than what I have done in the past. Plus, I actually couldn’t list all of the 2500+ brands that I’ve built from scratch because they would take up the entire page, and that’s not counting all those that I’ve done services for [ but if you are interested then feel free to listen to Podcast episode 1], plus some of the really big fashion brands I legally can’t tell you about. Confidentiality agreements…..

What you need to know, is that to build a fashion brand, you will need some hard work and dedication. If someone is telling you that it’s easy or you can do it in 5 easy steps, then please don’t believe it. I wish it was that easy for you but it won’t be. People don’t know my name because I work behind the scenes for their brand. Helping and serving others, so if you’ve never heard of me, that’s because I’m the one who puts other people in the spotlight, where they should be and I’m busy high fiving my team on the sidelines, where I should be. But it really all comes down to this.

My job is to make sure that brands, either new, or established, are successful.

Whatever reason you have for creating a brand, or even just one product, I hope this website will help you to find the accurate answers that you are looking for, and help you to Create your Fashion Brand