Create a Fashion Brand was designed to provide free, accurate advice on building a fashion brand and to combat the information pirates on the internet that mislead people and stop businesses from ever growing.

You may or may not know that Create a Fashion Brand is part of another company, Fashion Services. It’s where I’ve spent years, helping brands to grow with our services. To date, we’ve helped over 2500 fashion brands  launch from scratch. From a tiny spec of an idea, right through to their products, branding and selling, as well as another 8000 happy clients who we have helped with the odd service here or there.

This is why we know that our information is accurate and real. Tried and Tested. We live it every day.

Create A Fashion Brand will always remain our free information site, just for you. To help you on your journey. But if you are ready to take your brand further. To build it and grow a stable, successful Fashion Brand, then Fashion Services is the place for you. For help or services; to book an appointment with me, Vicky, for a little chat or to book me for a speaking gig, then feel free to come over and have a look at what we offer. Simply click the image below to go straight to our website

Fashion services and products to help you start a fashion brand or create a collection
Fashion services and products to help you start a fashion brand or create a collection

One thought on “SERVICES

  1. Good day

    I have discovered your business online as I was looking for services for tech packs pattern grading and flat drawings . I am in the making of starting a clothing brand and at the moment I have only 2 people in my team and we have so much to do so I thought of getting our tech packs, grading and drawings serviced by someone else to save our time and focus solely on our passion that is designing .
    I have a small collection that has about 7 garments in that I need tech packs done asap .
    I then have a collection that has around 50 garments but can be done at a later stage .

    Thank you . I hope you get this message and hope we can cooperate asap.

    Kind regards

    Souhail tag

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