How to Create Tech Packs for fashion and clothing. Garment technical packs. Measurements for clothing. Make your own Tech Pack from scratch Tech Packs for clothing and apparel sampling and mass production.

Since Tech Packs for clothing are a subject that I talk about quite a lot and after doing almost 8000 for clients, I thought it might be a good idea to write a book. Actually, it’s more of a step by step, DIY guide, for people who want to create their own Tech Packs for clothing products.

If you’re looking for more information on Tech packs in general, then don’t worry, there are a number of posts on this site too. You can click the link below. But if you’re looking to develop a really important skill for your fashion brand, or your career as a fashion designer, then you might be interested in looking through the 260 plus pages, that not only covers the topic below, but will help you master them.

  • Factory and production options to suit each type of fashion brand and their manufacturing quantity.
  • The sampling process that all products should go through, from Tech Pack to mass manufacture.
  • How to create Flat Drawings and their special graphical language.
  • How to find, alter and apply Retail Standard measurements for your products.
  • What is on each page of a basic Tech Pack and how to create each page yourself.
  • How to expand Tech Packs for different products, such as design details, labelling, prints, embroidery and embellishment artwork
    and much moreā€¦.

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