How understanding how people make choices will improve your conversion rate and sales for a fashion brand or clothing line. Improves sales on your website or shop.

A few months ago I gave a presentation about making choices and how this can increase your online conversion rate. The topic was so popular we had a waiting list, enough for a second presentation! The concept has proven to be very popular, and I think you’ll be interested to watch a video about it. If you have an online shop, or are looking at E-Commerce as an option, this video will help you to understand the basics of selling online. This includes how to present your products and shop in a way which will improve your customer’s experience and conversion rate.

While the talk lasted more than an hour, I’ve trimmed the video down to 50 mins. We start with conversion, then begin a discussion about our brains and how we think. Next we talk about why are brains work the way that they do and what effect this has on your retail customers. Finally, we go over some general tips that you can use to improve your website, why you should be concentrating on customer service, and ideas about improving your products.

Improving Your Conversion Rate

When you watch the video, I urge you not to jump straight to the tips. Discovering the background for these strategies might seem unnecessary, but I promise that everything I talk about will help you to understand sales as it relates to your own business, especially if you are selling online.

If you follow the steps that I lay out your conversion rate will improve [ I know this through implementing it with many other companies ] but you won’t understand why. It’s important to understand that 1 hour is not enough time to go in-depth, so the video covers all the basics of WHY, then WHAT. That will give you enough information to improve your online business, even without the help of a professional. However, if you are interested in getting outside help, check out our Fashion Services homepage. We offer a wide range of fashion related services and have an excellent customer satisfaction rate.

This video is on our Youtube channel for our sister website for fashion services. Fashion Services HK.